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Wuppertal Business & Technology

Business & technology

Using successful traditions, promoting modern technologies and thereby setting new standards - that best describes the current structure development in Wuppertal.

The textile industry used to shape Wuppertal in particular. Even today, tapes, cords and strands are still manufactured in factories.

Seat belts, textiles for medical use or for space travel, highly sensitive membranes or bulletproof vests are manufactured in high-tech factories. The production of textiles is historically important in Wuppertal.
Industrial development was shaped by the textile industry in the 18th and 19th centuries. This can still be felt in the city today. But instead of the production of fabrics and ribbons for clothing, it is primarily technical textiles that shape this traditional branch of the economy.

Areas of competence

In addition, other areas of competence have developed:

• Automotive, e.g. Aptiv
• Healthcare, e.g. Bayer AG
• Event & communication, e.g. Vok Dams
• Metal processing and tool production, e.g. Knipex

Construction of the industrial park "Engineering Park" 2017. The former barracks site now offers 400,000 square meters of space for companies from various industries, e.g. Chemistry and logistics.

The strengths of the Wuppertal economy also lie in these industries. High-ranking and internationally active large companies like 3M are located here as well as medium-sized companies that operate as “hidden champions”. The little-known companies, for e.g. Herberts Industrieglas, have developed into market leaders in their industry!

Vorwerk is a traditional company from Wuppertal. The brand is known for household appliances such as vacuum cleaners or the Thermomix.

Many well-known names

The pharmaceutical company Bayer Health Care, the manufacturer of high-quality household appliances Vorwerk, the paint manufacturer Axalta, the world's largest electronics supplier to the automotive industry Aptiv, Germany's largest health insurance company BarmerGEK, the private insurer Barmenia or the renowned fiber manufacturer Teijin. These are just a few names that stand for the versatility and the innovative and economic strength of the location.

Statistical Data

Area in km² 168,4
Resident population 361.157 inhabitants 06.2019
Inhabitants in km² 2.140 06.2019
Employees at place of work 125.910 06.2018
Unemployment rate 7,9% 04.2019
Gross domestic product in millions (€) 13.061 12.2016
Gross domestic product per paid worker in € 76.275 12.2016
Export quota in % 57,5% 2018
New businesses 2.311 2018
Manufacturing industry 25,64% 06.2018
Service sector 53,39% 06.2018
Number of commuters 3.477 2017
Local business tax 490 since 2013
Property tax 620 since 2014

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