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Wuppertal Areas of competence

Areas of competence

  • There is hardly a car that does not use Wuppertal technology and equipment, from the airbag to the paintwork.
  • There is hardly a major event up to the Olympic Games that is not carried out by a Wuppertal agency and equipped with the latest technology.
  • There is hardly a home that is not decorated with Wuppertal wallpapers.
  • There is hardly a hospital that does not work with medicines or instruments developed in Wuppertal.

Today, the textile industry in Wuppertal primarily means the production of technical textiles. Gebrüder Jaeger GmbH is a specialist for textiles that are used to seal buildings or lay tiles.

Numerous companies from the modern branches of biotechnology, automotive technology, environmental technology and multimedia are at home here.
At the same time, the city is one of the oldest and best-known industrial cities in Germany with traditional tool, textile, chemical and mechanical engineering companies.

Several leading companies from the tool industry are located in the Cronenberg district. Knipex pliers, professional tools from Freund or cutting tools from Berger are widely known.

Aptiv is a global automotive supplier whose expertise lies particularly in the future field of autonomous driving. In Wuppertal, Aptiv develops sensors such as cameras and radars or control units for driver assistance systems.

Many automotive suppliers are based in Wuppertal. A particularly well-known representative is Aptiv. The company has its German headquarters in Wuppertal and specializes in autonomous driving.

Vorwerk Autotec is an automotive supplier for chassis components and has numerous branches around the world, e.g. Mexico, India and China.

Vorwerk Autotec is also a successful automotive supplier. The company specializes in chassis components.

Many also associate the Vorwerk name with the manufacturer of high-quality household appliances, such as the famous Kobold vacuum cleaner or the Thermo-Mix.

With Axalta, PPG and Sherwin Williams, three of the world's top 5 paint manufacturers are based in Wuppertal.

Coroplast is a specialist in adhesive tapes and cables. And has established itself as the market leader. Incidentally, there are many of them in Wuppertal. Some of them do not have a very high level of public awareness, but they have become the industry leader in their very special field. We call these companies “hidden champions”. A small selection:

HUEHOCO GmbH has been processing metal surfaces in Wuppertal for almost 100 years.
  • HUEHOCO: metal tape coatings
  • Sachsenröder: Vulkanfiber
  • Dieckhoff: hospital textiles
  • Storch-Ciret Holding: painting tools
  • Stocko Contact: plug connections

    And and and…

By the way: Wuppertal has a particularly high export quota. Every second product produced here leaves Germany! According to the Bergische Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the export quota in Wuppertal was 57.5 percent in 2018, well above the NRW average (44.3 percent).

Bayer AG was founded in Wuppertal in 1863. Even today, the birthplace of the headache medication aspirin is still an important research, development and production location.

But Wuppertal can do not only production, but also research. Pharmacology is an important field of research, above all through Bayer AG and also through AiCuris.

Böhme & Weihs software solutions are used by over 30,000 users worldwide.

And also in the IT industry, Wuppertal has a number of successful companies behind it. Böhme & Weihs and Babtec are two well-known manufacturers of quality management software in the city, which ensure that everything runs smoothly in production in numerous other places around the world.
The Riedel company is also on the move worldwide. The company equips the world's largest events, such as world championships, Olympic games or legendary events such as the Baumgartner jump from the stratosphere, with state-of-the-art communication technology.
VOK DAMS should not be missing at large events. The international agency is a specialist in live marketing.

You can find more exciting information about the Wuppertal economy in our current commercial market report.

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