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Wuppertal / Business & Technology

Areas of competence

We equipped cars with Wuppertal technology and features, from the airbag to the paintwork. (© Delphi)

Competent location

Wuppertal shows particular strengths in the following areas of competence  

      • Automotive
      • Healthcare
      • Event & communication
      • Metal processing and
      • Product development
Wuppertal is an established location of the health sector, where major companies from the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical technology, orthopaedics and hygiene have their main offices or important production or research facilities.(© Bayer HealthCare AG)

There is hardly a car which is not equipped with Wuppertal technology and features, from the airbag to the paintwork.


There is hardly a big event, ranging as far as the Olympic Games, which is not staged by a Wuppertal agency and equipped with state-of-the-art technology.


A machine from Wuppertal without ball bearings? Almost impossible to imagine.


There is hardly a hospital which does not work with medicines developed or instruments manufactured in Wuppertal.


There is hardly a home which has not been adorned with Wuppertal wallpaper and there is hardly an office which gets by without heavy-duty flooring from Wuppertal.

Made in Wuppertal means modern processing methods and machines. (© Knipex)

These are all examples from everyday life which show how strong Wuppertal is in the most varied of industries and show the economic power developed through the promotion of clustering in the areas of competence.

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