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Research & Development
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Science in Wuppertal

The collaboration between economics and science is a prerequisite for innovation. This too is traditional in Wuppertal, for the proximity to our scientific facilities is not merely spatial.


Highly-qualified research facilities and innovative enterprises offer an outstanding base for research and development projects. 

University of Wuppertal
With a combination of disciplines that is somewhat unconventional for a German university, UW offers interesting possibilities (© UW)

Research facilities

Foundational research, applied research and the transfer of acquired knowledge are important location factors. The University of Wuppertal is an outstanding cooperation partner with a suitable infrastructure.

But it is not only the university which ensures a good reputation in the knowledge landscape - other players are also important partners in the development of new thought structures and economic processes.

The Wuppertal Institute has undisputedly been one of the most renowned institutions in Europe for many years when it comes to discussing issues concerning climate, energy or environment.

Wuppertal Institute
Applied sustainability research is the Wuppertal Institute's stated mission. (© WuppInst)

Research enterprises

The range of technology enterprises in Wuppertal goes from global chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises and development centres of the automobile industry right up to producers of special cables. Numerous innovative companies are concentrated in the W-tec technology centre. Are you looking for a suitable supplier or a business partner for joint projects? Then Wirtschaftsförderung Wuppertal (Business Development Association) is the right partner for you.

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