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Wuppertal Research & development

Research & development

Highly-qualified research facilities and innovative enterprises offer an outstanding base for research and development projects.

The most famous invention that is associated with Wuppertal is surely the suspension railway. But bet that this prime example of German engineering, which is over 120 years old, is not the only invention that you know for sure? The world-famous headache remedy Aspirin also comes from Wuppertal. Just like the woodchip wallpaper, which is indispensable for houses, apartments and offices today. This ingenuity is no accident!

The Bergische Land is one of the leading innovation regions in Germany. And of course that includes Wuppertal! The cooperation between business and science is a prerequisite for innovation and is promoted accordingly.

The fact that Wuppertal is a relevant location for research and development can be seen from the fact that large companies have their research facilities in the city. Or are even in the process of expanding them vigorously. Bayer AG invests in a large research center for preclinical pharmacology. Vorwerk also still has its research department in the valley.

The Bergische Universität Wuppertal has over 23.000 students and is involved in numerous research projects, e.g. in the field of mobility of the future.

Bergische University Wuppertal

Basic research, applied research and knowledge transfer are important location factors. With more than 23.000 students, the Bergische University Wuppertal is an excellent cooperation partner with a suitable infrastructure. Engineering courses in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or civil engineering in particular offer potential for exciting collaborations. As a result, the companies also come into contact with the specialists of tomorrow.

Applied sustainability research is the Wuppertal Institute's stated mission. (© WuppInst)

Wuppertal Institute

But it's not just the university that ensures Wuppertal's reputation in the knowledge landscape. Other actors are also important partners in the development of new thinking structures and economic processes.

The Wuppertal Institute has been one of the most renowned institutions in Europe for many years when it comes to discussing questions about climate, energy or the environment. It researches these ecological questions against the background of economic and social change. And these questions are more relevant today than ever!

The junior university is a unique institution that has achieved exemplary character far beyond the borders of Wuppertal. Children from the age of four are introduced to the world of science here.

Junior University

Even the youngest are introduced to natural sciences, technology, art and culture with great fun. The Junior Uni - Wuppertal Children's and Youth University for the Bergisches Land - is a nationwide unique teaching and research facility. It offers young people - regardless of their education - courses on experimentation and research.
With more than 70,000 study places in over 6,000 courses, the junior university has made an excellent name for itself since its opening in late 2008.

The former barracks building is now a business incubator that promotes innovation and technology transfers. (Copyright: 6tant)

W-tec technology center

Numerous innovative companies are concentrated in the W-tec technology center. Here, company founders and technology companies are given space and time to develop or open up new markets.

Are you looking for a suitable supplier or business partner for joint projects? Then Wirtschaftsförderung Wuppertal (Business Development Agency Wuppertal) is the right partner for you.

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