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WuppertalTourism & City Information

Recreation and entertainment

Woods and public green spaces constitute a third of Wuppertal’s urban area. Open spaces alternate with narrow parts, height with depth, tranquillity with bustle, and village character with city flair.

Parks and nature

The Hardt with the Elisenturm

Large parks, impressive forests, but also charming little spots and squares make you forget that you are in a city. Explore delightful parkland areas such as the Hardt with its huge lawns and the Bismarck tower, the botanical gardens with the “Ellersche Villa” the “Barmer Anlagen” with its mature trees, its many sculptures and the Toelleturm, the private park of the entrepreneurial Vorwerk family, which is open to the public, the Nordpark with its deer enclosure, or the arboretum, which is located in the "Burgholz" forest and has examples of 130 kinds of rare deciduous and coniferous trees. Experiencing nature here can be combined with memorable views of Wuppertal.

Going on foot or by bike

Nordbahntrasse: the station Mirke

In Wuppertal there are over 600 kilometres (more than 370 miles) of well-marked footpaths, very easily accessible by public transport. You can obtain maps and other information from Wuppertal Tourism.

The former railway line called the Samba-Trasse was built in 1891 and closed down in 1988. Today it is an attractive adventure path for cyclists and hikers with signboards providing information on the history of the railway. This near-natural path along the route of the old railway line leads from Sonnborn to Cronenberg, a distance of 10 kilometres (about 6 miles). From above the zoo you can enjoy a stunning view of the big cats’ enclosure.

The Nordbahntrasse is a 23-kilometre-long former railway line that has been converted into a recreational and cycle path. Special features on the route include the old stations Mirke (with its café and its creative centre called “Utopiastadt”) and Wichlinghausen (with Germany‘s biggest parkour area). The range of bicycle rental and repair stations along the Nordbahntrasse is gradually growing. Some special offers are summarized below: 

  • Rent-a-bike (SPORTCENTER ESKESBERG, Am Eskesberg 5, 42115 Wuppertal)
  • Utopiastadtrad (Bahnhof Mirke – km 13,6 Nordbahntrasse, Mirker Str. 48, 42105 Wuppertal)
  • Radbahnhof Wichlinghausen (Langobardenstraße 67, 42277 Wuppertal)


Anyone who would like to sample wellness in order to relax is recommended to visit the "Schwimmoper" (an indoor swimming pool). In the Schwimmoper with its fascinating architecture you can swim a few lengths in the pool before relaxing in the sauna world. Two Finnish saunas, a salt room, a sanarium and a steam bath will give you peace and strength.


View from Döppersberg into town

Wuppertal is a city with modern shopping facilities that attract customers from throughout the “Bergisches Land” and the surrounding towns and villages. In the Werth, Barmen’s central shopping street, you will find many specialized shops that are run by the proprietors and offer a range of quality goods, excellent service and expert advice.

In the heart of Elberfeld, near Döppersberg, the “City–Arkaden” with 80 shops, boutiques and restaurants invite you for a lengthy shopping trip. For unusual gifts and creative accessories go to the “Luisenviertel” around the St. Lawrence Church (“Laurentiuskirche”), where you will also find friendly pubs and restaurants.

And in the evening…

outdoor pub in the Luisenstraße

Wuppertal offers a rich choice of ways to spend the evening. Concerts of classical or modern music – of course also jazz, rock, pop, world music and many other kinds – can be enjoyed live. Small-stage performances, cabaret and clubs of various kinds are there to tempt you: There is no lack of evening entertainment.

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