Tourism and information about the city

With its world-famous suspension monorail, its delightful zoo, a wide-ranging programme of cultural events, beautiful parks and characteristic town districts and buildings, Wuppertal offers attractions and sights of many kinds.
historic buildings

A portrait of the city

Almost 350,000 inhabitants and visitors to the city can enjoy a wide-ranging programme of cultural events, good shopping facilities and plenty of leisure activities. Elements of Wilhelminian and decorative art-nouveau styles are prominent in the architecture. A broad spectrum of hotels makes Wuppertal an attractive alternative for business visitors who are attending a fair in one of the neighbouring cities.

historic bus

A sightseeing tour: trip in a historic bus

The rather antiquated seats in the bus dating from the 1970s are still comfortable. The knowledgeable city guides have a lot to tell you during the 90-minute trip, which starts from the theatre at 14.15 every Saturday from April to October and takes you along the valley and into the hills of Wuppertal. After this round trip you can visit the Engelshaus Museum and/or the Brauhaus (where beer is brewed).

historic buildings

Sightseeing on foot: get to know Wuppertal with city guides

Anyone who explores the city on foot will always discover new aspects of what was thought to be familiar. Our guided tours on foot acquaint you with the many aspects of Wuppertal in history and stories. Sample views over the roofs of the city, stroll through beautiful parks or countryside, visit the birthplace of the tool-making industry and of Wuppertal as an industrial centre.

Get to know Wuppertal for yourself

If you do not have time to join one of the competent city guides of Wuppertal Tourism on a theme-based tour, you can explore some of the city's districts with the help of the brochure "pioneering". Put together your individual tour of discovery and wander around Elberfeld, Barmen or the zoo district. The clear maps will help you find your way and indicate what is worth seeing on your route. The tours that are described each last about 90 minutes.


Mitarbeiterinnen Wuppertal-Touristik

Wuppertal Touristik

(Tourism Office)
Kirchstraße 16 (bei der CityKirche)
42103 Wuppertal

+49 202 563 2270 or
+49 202 563 2180

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri 9.00 - 18.00
Sat 10.00 - 14.00

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