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More than 3,500 animals from every continent in the world live in the Wuppertal Zoo, which is one of the most attractively landscaped zoos in the world. It attracts more than 600,000 visitors each year.

Red panda

The Wuppertal Zoo is one of the most attractively landscaped zoological gardens of its kind. The animal buildings and outdoor enclosures have been skilfully integrated into the wooded surroundings. The houses are modern, and visitors can observe the animals at close range – even if the weather is bad.

The outdoor enclosure for the Siberian tigers and African lions is modelled on the African savanna. The lion enclosure is the largest in the whole of Germany.


Admire the swimming and diving skills of the penguins from an unusual perspective: a 15-metre-long tunnel of acrylic glass allows visitors to observe them through an underwater window, a unique experience as nowhere else in the world can you see penguins from this angle! King Penguins are, by the way, rarely found in zoological gardens, and in Wuppertal they are the zoo’s emblem. Wuppertal is the only zoo in North Rhine-Westphalia that has this species of penguin.

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