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Special exhibition "Friedrich Engels - A spectre is haunting Europe”

The special exhibition "Friedrich Engels - A spectre is haunting Europe” at the Historical Centre takes a historical look at the entrepreneur, philosopher and social critic, writer and journalist, revolutionary and visionary. The exhibition can be visited from 15 May 2020 to 20 September 2020 in the Kunsthalle Barmen.

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Tickets can be booked online here

Tickets to the special exhibition must be booked in advance!

Please note: hygiene protection

Dear visitors, the opening of the special exhibition is only possible in compliance with strict hygiene rules. Please note that a normal exhibition visit like you may be familiar with is not possible. Nevertheless, we will try to make your visit in the Engels special exhibition as comfortable as possible. Please also note that waiting times are possible.

The hygiene protection measures include:

  • The maximum number of visitors staying in the special exhibition is limited to 25 persons
  • The maximum number of visitors staying in one single room of the exhibition is limited to 6 persons
  • Admission to the special exhibition is controlled by the ticket system of Wuppertal live by assignation of time slots
  • Visitors and exhibition staff are required to wear mouth and nose protection
  • No group visits or guided tours are offered
  • Mutual entry to the exhibition is only permitted for two persons per group / 6 persons for families

Tickets must be booked online in advance

Please note that tickets are not sold at the Kunsthalle Barmen. Due to hygiene reasons, tickets to the special exhibition must be booked in advance. Tickets can be booked online here. Visitors who qualify for free entrance also have to book a ticket in advance.

“A spectre is haunting Europe – a spectre of communism”. That is the beginning of the Communist Manifesto written by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx in 1848 and it ends with the militant appeal “Working men of all countries, unite!”. In other writings, Engels has dealt with the economic and societal consequences as well as the repression of industrialization in the 19th century. Together with Marx he not only formulated a profound criticism but also a theory of capitalism, both of which are still prominent.

Friedrich Engels, born in Wuppertal, is one of the most eminent characters of the 19th century who will continue to mark our history. Wuppertal is celebrating the 200th anniversary of Engels with a special exhibition at the Kunsthalle Barmen.

Highlights of the exhibition include first editions of important works by Friedrich Engels as well as original handwritings, caricatures and manuscripts, which - staged in multimedia form - illustrate Engels' multifaceted thinking. In addition, there are Friedrich Engels' personal objects and a large number of exhibits that provide an insight into the life, work and personality of Wuppertal's most famous son.

Please note: hygiene protection


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